Esther Barfoot – Journalist & Communication-activist

Esther Barfoot
Journalist & Communication-activist

Esther was one of the key-facilitators of the “Berlin Change Days” (BCD) under the motto
“Courage & Corporate activism” – a tribal meeting for people with a passion for change. That’s how I got the opportunity
to talk to her about courage.

When Esther started to speak I was looking and listening to her intently and I felt like, wow – this lady just has it, from her appearance,
her style, her aura, her communication style, her sense of humour in fact everything about her.  Esther was a great “communication-activist”
at this event. She did it her way and was not afraid of showing her emotions – just great.

“Discovering alternative futures and helping them along. That is what drives Esther Barfoot in her work as a  communication activist.
Many systems, such as our democracy, financial system, ways of organising and communicating seem broken or faulty. Esther develops
and realises communication concepts for bottom-up and future-oriented movements… Activist communication stands between the
innovators and change agents and is co-created with them. It focuses on change that wants to happen. To do so, activist communication
addresses the intuition and experiments freely and eagerly with a great diversity of work forms and (artistic) concepts. It is not an
omniscient communication, but open to discover the future together with the participants.”

Many thanks to Esther for her spontaneous willingness to share her thoughts on courage for It is much appreciated.

Let yourself be inspired by her thoughts on courage. What does courage mean to you? Which type of courage would take you a step further
in your professional life? Contact me

Take the courage to move forward

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