Holger Nauheimer – Founder and developer of the “Change Days Movement”

In October this year I participated in the “Berlin Change Days” event under the motto
“Courage & Corporate Activism”. Whilst I was there I took the opportunity to talk briefly to Holger about courage.

In order to introduce Holger most effectively, I have chosen to use his own words: “I have been called an innovator and
thought leader in the leadership and change management field, with 30 years of consulting, coaching and training experience in
global profit and non-profit organizations. My work brought me to more than 70 countries. I specialize in the facilitation of
personal, team and organizational transformation, as well as in innovation, knowledge management and virtual collaboration.
For 10 years now, I host the Berlin Change Days, the coolest change management conference on earth”. For more information about Holger
visit https://www.hnauheimer.net.

I can confirm what he says above. I found the “Berlin Change Days” to be a cool platform, which brought change conversations and debates,
creativity, energy, drive, humour and much more together. An amazing collection of all kind of souls somehow involved, engaged and
inspired by the topic of change and courage.  For your information the “Change Days” movement can be invited to visit your organisation
as well – “Change in-house”, just visit https://changedays.com.

It takes certainly some courage to initiate and maintain such a movement for 10 years. Hats off to Holger Nauheimer. I would like to thank
him very much for sharing his thoughts on courage with takethecourage.com

Let yourself be inspired by Holger and his spirit of change. What does courage mean to you? What type of courage would motivate you to
take you a step further and support you to act as “an activist for change” in your professional life?

Take the courage to move forward.

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