Olga Feldmeier – CEO and Co-Founder of Smart Valor

Interview mit Olga Feldmeier - CEO und Co-Founder von Smart Valor
Interview mit Olga Feldmeier – CEO und Co-Founder von Smart Valore

I had the pleasure of meeting Olga Feldmeier at Smart Valor offices  to talk about courage. Today, I would like to share her thoughts with you.

“Olga Feldmeier, also known as the “Bitcoin Queen” of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley, left the corporate environment behind and made the jump from being a banker to the world of cryptocurrencies. Olga is a prominent founding member of the Crypto Valley community, and is the producer of the Crypto + ICO Summit, the first global conference focusing on blockchain crowdfunding in Switzerland. She is also a mentor at the largest European accelerator program, Kickstart Accelerator, and regularly delivers speeches at conferences and
universities on regulation of Blockchain industry, tokenisation of assets and disruption of the banking industry.”

I got to know Olga as a very warm-hearted person – a visionary with a super positive aura. She is a role model as a business lady in the area of digitalisation. Olga knows what she wants and is not afraid of hard work. It’s not surprising to see her rise as a leader in a rather male-dominated sector. I love her appearance and style, representing a class of her own.

I would like to thank Olga sincerely for her willingness to share her thoughts on courage. Watch my interview with Olga and let yourself be inspired.

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