Yvonne Bettkober – A “Groth Hacker” with passion for organizational development and turnaround management

A seasoned cross-continent executive with a proven track record in leading and operationalizing change

I had the pleasure to listen to Yvonne’s speech on “Dream. Dare. Do” and “Become the Best You” at the “Lean In” conference in Zurich this year. I took this opportunity to talk to her briefly about courage.

I loved what Yvonne stated in her speech:
“Surround yourself with people who allow you to be courageous.”
“Daring – is there where we need to spend time most.” 

Yvonne is, as she describes in her LinkedIn Profile, “a top rated people leader, experienced in managing through disruption and uncertainty and delivering results across Emerging & Mature Markets. She is a “Growth Hacker” with passion for organizational development and turnaround management and a recognized expert in cloud computing and digital transformation.

As an African, I am deeply convinced that Technology and Education are the most powerful instruments to change people’s life. The Digital Era represents a historic opportunity for governments, institutions and companies of all sizes across the globe to improve the way they operate, create and exchange value and care for their stakeholders and communities.
I am humbled to be able to contribute to these journeys.”

I would like to thank Yvonne sincerely for her spontaneous willingness to share her thought on courage for takethecourage.com.

Let yourself be inspired. What does courage mean to you?
Which type of courage would take you a step further in your professional life? Contact me

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