Time & Courage Talk with Anna Jelen

Time & Courage Talk with Anna Jelen

Anna and I met at an event a couple of years ago. We both quickly realized that it was not exactly the kind of event we wanted to attend, so we left rather courageously and have stayed in touch ever since.

If you do not yet know Anna, then it is time to get to know to her now. Anna is a different kind of time expert! ‘Out of the box’, colourful, creative, humorous and courageous. She has been walking her ‘time path’ courageously over the last 15 years. Anna states on her website www.annajelen.com

“It is my job to remind you that our lifetime is limited and that it would be negligent to ignore this. It is my goal to inspire you to live and use your time properly.” She does this by giving speeches and workshops and touring around the world to talk about time.

I love Anna’s personality. She is light-heated and down-to-earth. When you talk to Anna you feel this enormous harmony and energy, which is truly contagious.

I am very happy to share my interview with Anna today on takethecourage.com.

Let yourself be inspired. What does courage mean to you? What type of courage would take you a step further in your professional life? How could you use your time courageously to move forward?

Take the courage to move forward. If you not sure how to – let’s talk: contact me 

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