Let’s grow this platform together…

It is such a nice feeling to finally see “takethecourage.com” going live. I have taken the courage to move one more step towards the realization of my vision with this platform, namely, to inspire as many people as possible to take the courage to move forward and to progress in their professional life.

Having a vision is one thing, but also living it and working towards the big picture to achieve it is another and I must admit that it has been a real challenge. I had thought that creating such a platform would be relatively easy – getting some stories together, setting up a website and a youtube channel and printing out some flyers… and everything else would follow.

Yes, in hindsight it was definitely a bit naive of me to have thought that it would be quite so simple. Things may have progressed faster had I “stuck” to my project plan,but some people learn by doing and that is certainly the case for me. I am definitely looking forward to learning and growing with this platform as we develop together.

Naturally projects like this cannot be achieved alone. I have been talking to a lot of people and have received a lot of feedback, opinions, help and support. I want to take this opportunity to thank those people, including my family, who have supported me and stood by my side whilst I worked on the roll out of this platform. A big thank you also to those individuals who, as the first people to contribute their stories, have taken the courage to be a part of this new platform – you should be very proud!

So, what next? Well let’s grow this platform together! Why? Imagine, being in the position to inspire as many people as possible to progress and move forward in their professional life. Imagine, being part of a professional world with more autonomously decisive, energetic and ultimately happy people. Imagine a better and more positive world in which we could live. Let’s make it happen and grow this platform together…

I am looking forward to you becoming part of this vision. If you somehow feel a connection, then please don’t hesitate to join us. Share, inspire, be inspired…and if you are not sure how you could contribute just get in touch with me. I am also working on some new projects.

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