Leadership & Courage Talk with Daniel Jordi

Daniel Jordi is a passionate creator and enabler.

How much is courage a driver behind the success of leaders?

Daniel Jordi is a passionate creator and enabler. As he states in his LinkedIn profile: “ Enabling people and organisations to transform themselves is my passion.” He advises global leaders and startups and acts as a connector and catalyst for growth.

Daniel is the founder of LeadersBridge.org , “Switzerland’s leading cross-industry network for digital leaders to collaborate on growth opportunities. Their mission is “to create deep interconnectivity within Switzerland’s innovation ecosystem, to enable more digital innovation.” In addition he is a client partner at Ginetta, a digital agency specialised in the strategy, design and development of digital products.

I have known Daniel for many years now and have always recognised him as an individual who has been consistently moving forward. He has the courage and discipline not to give up before he succeeds. What I like about Daniel is that he is “down to earth” and despite having achieved a lot, very humble.

It is a pleasure to share my talk with Daniel about Courage & Leadership with you today on takethecourage.com. In this talk you will find the answers to the questions below and a lot of insight on the topic:

  • How do leaders cultivate a courage mindset?
  • What does hold leaders back from being brave?
  • Do future leaders have to be more courageous and in which ways?

Let yourself be inspired. What does courage mean to you? How could courage enable you to take the lead and advance your work and career?

Take the courage to move forward. If you are not sure how to do so, then let’s talk: contact me

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